Prescription Assistance Program

You are probably not aware that pharmaceutical companies provide more than $1.5 BILLION each year in medications through Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs) to people meeting their guidelines. These programs provide medications free of charge to those that qualify. Rule of thumb financial qualifications are as follows: Incomes of $30K/yr or less for individuals, $60K/yr or less for couples and $80-85K/yr or less for families.

Prescription Assistance 3

Many people fail to apply and do not realize that they could be getting their medications at a fraction of their current cost! There are many reasons why people fail to apply, including the complicated application and approval process.

Through our dedication and expertise we are able to assist individuals in qualifying for acceptance into a prescription assistance program.

We function as a Patient Advocate that provides two services:Prescription Assistance

1) We work with pharmaceutical company guidelines to establish the eligibility of individual applicants,

2) We continue an ongoing application process that assures continuing medication to enrolled applicants.

Feel free to contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation to see if we can assist you with your free medications.