Affordable Life Insurance

Back in the early 1990’s when I was just entering the insurance profession, I was required to take a 40 hour course that taught the basic fundamentals of insurance in order to sit for my insurance exam.  Our instructor, Bill, was a seasoned 30+ year veteran in the industry.  Toward the end of the class he was taking questions, and I asked him what the most meaningful aspect of his job was.  He told me the following story and it has stayed with me all of these years:

“Back in the late 60’s, I had been working with a farmer and a mill worker for over a month trying to help him understand the importance of life insurance, particularly for his family.  His wife had been the one to initiate the conversation in the first place.  She was a stay at home mom who watched after the house and their three children.  By day he farmed, and by night he worked 2nd shift at a local cotton mill to make ends meet.  Farming was full of long hours and hard labor, and if the weather didn’t cooperate, well, everything could be lost.

Every week for a month, I made the trip to their farm and I had either just missed catching him at home or he was way out back in the field on the tractor plowing.  The timing was never right.  On my fifth (and in my mind, final) trip out to the farm house, I met again with his wife who was weary from the process herself.  She pointed to the field and her husband on the tractor again.  She asked me to walk out to meet him.  So, I walked a few hundred yards through that dirty, dusty field even though I was wearing one of my best suits and Sunday shoes.

John saw me coming and shut the tractor down.  “I don’t have much time to talk with you Bill.  I have to be to work at 3 and only have another hour to finish this field.  Give me those danged insurance papers and I’ll sign them,” he said JohnDeere_720_ChuckReddenwith a perturbed tone in his voice.  He signed them on the fender well of the tractor and immediately started up the tractor again.  I thanked him and shook his hand and asked about getting a check to bind the coverage.  He yelled over the noise of the tractor, “Tell Nancy to write you a check!”

I made it back to the house covered from head to toe in good old dirt and farm field dust.  Nancy wrote out a check and I gave her the receipt for John’s coverage.  They were now covered for $75,000.00 (a lot of money in those days) in the event something happened to John.  I went on my way to my next appointment with a skip in my walk because not only had I just made a sale, but I knew Nancy would now be able to sleep well at night.

Unfortunately, that was never to be.  Early the next morning, John had fallen asleep at the wheel on his way home from working the third shift at the mill.  He had only been getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night during the spring planting season.  His truck ran off the road, flipped and struck a tree.  He was killed instantly.

In the days that followed, everyone in the community was stricken with deep grief at the death of John.  A wife had lost her husband and best friend, three children had lost their daddy, a church had lost one of its most admired servants and a community had lost a great leader.

The only, and I mean the ONLY, consolation with this tragedy was the fact that a few weeks after John’s death I was able to deliver to his wife a check for $150,000.00.  You see, while out in that dusty field, I had convinced John that for just a few extra dollars a month, he could purchase a double indemnity accidental death rider.  I think he said ‘yes’ just to move me along so he could go back to plowing.

Over the years, Nancy managed John’s death benefit very well.  She was able to pay off the farm, send the kids to college, and she eventually did remarry.  I now have her and her new husband as clients as well as her three children and five grandchildren.

Life-Farm Family

It goes without saying that life insurance is imperative.  Things would have been so different had John not signed the contract that day.  Please, insist that your clients get and maintain a healthy and affordable life insurance policy.”

At Presidium Partners Insurance, we recognize that none of us knows what tomorrow may bring.  That is why we listen to your needs and find an insurance product designed specifically for you and your family.