Cash Flow Strategies

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We all have different amounts of wealth but we all want the same thing – for it to grow. Most of us look to our financial advisor for advice, but there are some strategies they may not be telling you about that could be costing you a lot of money at retirement. With our “Bank on Yourself” philosophy, we teach you how to find hidden assets and turn them into safe and secure monies for your use.Cash Flow Strategiespiggy-bank-made-out-of-money

What you don’t know can hurt you.

A typical financial advisor’s pitch: “How much money do you have for retirement? Where is it? Oh, I can do better than that.” They focus on the investment product first, but that’s not where you should start.

Traditional thinking tells us that in order to accumulate more money for our retirement we must either find investments that require higher risk, or lower the quality of our lifestyle. Nothing could be further from the truth.

 The Three Types of MoneyBusiness Savings Strategy

Did you know there are actually three types of money? First there is  accumulated money. Accumulated money is money you currently have and  are saving. Second, there is “life style money.” Life style money is money  you spend to enjoy your quality of living. Finally, there is transferred  money. Transferred money is money you may be transferring unknowingly  and UN-necessarily. Some examples of transferred money are taxes,  interest on credit cards, home mortgages and car payments.  We show you how to make these three types of money work in concert with one another.

We help you find the money to invest.

You have most likely heard the phrase, “He’s so close to the forest that he can’t see the trees.” We often experience this in the day to day operations of our households and businesses. Through our Personal and Business Cash Flow Strategies, we help you to find and uncover the hidden assets of your personal or business cash flow. By finding, and then by utilizing this hidden asset, we can show you how to create a substantial nest egg which can be used in your personal finances, business and retirement to fund expenditures and retirement income all on a tax free basis.

Another goal we have is to help you avoid transferring money away unnecessarily, and give that money back to you. The majority of the money we may free up should be invested into your accumulated assets, thus making your retirement more solid. The remainder of the money can be used to enhance your current lifestyle and make the journey a pleasant one. Cash Flow Strategies

Let’s find the money together.

Let us help you find more money so you can start funding your retirement plan without higher risk and while keeping your current lifestyle. Stop looking for a magic product and let us show you how to stop transferring money to others and put it back into your pockets where it belongs.




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