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At Presidium Partners Insurance, our focus is on the safety and protection of our clients’ money and financial decisions coupled with a clear and simple path to understanding the reasons behind the how, what, when, where and why of every financial product and recommendation we make. Our business model centers around understanding the needs of our clients with a focus on meeting those needs with various products and services. Bottom line, our clients come first. We are intensely passionate about this and our clients’ best interest guides our decisions.


Provide peace of mind for your family and protect them from financial calamity with an affordable life insurance policy.


It has been said that when a man is young, he will sacrifice his health to make money.  Then, when he is old, he will sacrifice his money to regain his health.  Protect your family now with affordable healthcare insurance.

Dental & Vision

Get instant savings and benefits with our combined dental/vision plans today for only $8.95/mo for the entire family.

Prescription Assistance

Paying too much for high cost brand name medications? Let us help you get your meds for free directly from the manufacturer with our Prescription Assistance Program.

Business Strategies

Simple little-known, yet highly effective, strategies that help your bottom line whether personal or business related. Once you see them, you will want to implement them


We are always striving to serve you better with ideas and information. Learn the latest here.


Learn about our story of excellence and why we are so passionate about helping you.

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Presidium: pre·sid·i·um

Pronunciation: priˈsidēəm Derived from Latin (praesidium) 1: garrison 2: (to) guard 3: protect 4: safe 5: strong 6: secure 7: fortress. Spanish: presidio.

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